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she's pulling the strings

she's playing with love

enter return
a brief update of what's been going on with me, because ostensibly someone somewhere sometime is/has been/will be interested:

in a despicable display of hipster redneckery, i have a rat tail and currently it is pulled together in a teeny tiny rubber band.

i am no longer a waitress/bartender. i work in a physics lab. i study physics. i eat breathe and poop science and mathematics. it's a jolly old time. i'm not very good at it yet, but i'm getting better. the transition to linux has been a journey.

i haven't written in months. i would like to find the time for it again, but i don't see it happening anytime soon.

i recently watched an episode of charmed guest starring misha collins. i nearly shat myself.

For Posterity (Twitter Round-Up)
  • 23:03 Yeah, bitches! I just realized there's a new episode of True Blood I haven't watched. Balla. #
  • 23:04 AND I just procured a bottle of Patron Reposado for twenty bucks. Dolla dolla bill y'all. #
  • 01:34 Watching Supernatural season 5 finale. Only just through the recap, already in tears. Oh, Kripke! #
  • 01:57 Dear Kripke, it's pronounced STOLE, not STALL. #
  • 02:14 Oh, Chuck, you're so meta. STFU. #
  • 12:35 When I turn my head right, I hear strange noises in my ear. Seriously. The noises are coming from INSIDE my ear. WTF. #
  • 16:06 My stupidly awesome BF is learning the TOS theme song on guitar. Unf. #
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For Posterity
This is the TEST shipment you asked for

  • 23:03 Yeah, bitches! I just realized there's a new episode of True Blood I haven't watched. Balla. #
  • 23:04 AND I just procured a bottle of Patron Reposado for twenty bucks. Dolla dolla bill y'all. #
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Random Video of Verhalten Talkin' Crazy? YES PLZ
So the BF interviewed me after I'd ... ahhh ... Well, I'm in an altered state. Surely you can tell. Then he edited the answers together to make me look like a crazy person! (As if he needed any help on that front.)

Question #1: How do you say Robert? Oh, say it like you mean it.
Question #2: What is the difference between a firetruck and a rocket ship?
Question #3: What are your thoughts on time machines?

Rumination on situational assholery.

This is nothing more than a long, foul mothed ramble about the service industry. Nothing of substance here, and it's probably offensive.Collapse )

In which I am daunted by the enormity of the task before me:
I've been considering for a while now taking a crack at proper fanfiction, complete with a plot and an arc and possibly a moral and actual events. There's this AU plot I've been toying around with forever and it's finally started to pour out of me, the way stories do when I finally find a voice and a rhythm and a direction. (Seems like that's always the most difficult part and the thing that will make or break a story.)

It's a couple thousand words now and I've yet to even introduce Bones, so I'm thinking it's going to be longish. The problem, for me, with writing long stories is that they're so time consuming and without a regular infusion of encouragement I tend to lose my nerve. I'm going to try valiantly not to let that happen this time around, because I believe it could be really good.

The research is a little daunting, and I didn't expect that. 

If someone wants to share any tricks of the trade, for writing a longer fanfiction work, I'm all ears. How do you get through it? What is your process? What are the pitfalls and what are your golden nuggets of truth?

Crowd Surf Off A Cliff [Star Trek XI Slash Kirk/McCoy NC-17]

Title: Crowd Surf Off A Cliff

Author: Verhalten

Pairing: Kirk/McCoy

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bones worries about Jim.

Author's Notes: The title is almost entirely unrelated to the story (unless you squint just right), but it comes from an Emily Haines and Soft Skeleton song by the same title, which I listened to pretty much non-stop as I wrote this.

Read more...Collapse )